My first camera at aged 8 in the 1960s a Kodak Brownie" was the start of a long & successful interest in photography.
This was only able to take 12exp black-and-white, 127 roll film. (colour film was much more expensive so my pocket money would not stretch that far ) later things progressed to colour prints ...., and onwards to transparencies in the 1970s for the next 20 years, during this time I started developing my own films and printing in a set up darkroom in the house .
It was then I started out entering exhibitions first with the PSA circuit later with the BPE which I have continued to participate ever since, In the late 80s ...I joined the Ipswich and district photographic Society. and been an active member of the society for well over 30 years.
As technology progressed it was not long before I switched over from film to digital and continued since 2002 now taking nearly all DPI's .

I enjoy all types of photography but my main interest has to be outside and always been wildlife, its more challenging unlike other types of photography as you never know what you are going to capture at the end of the day.

Entering British photographic exhibitions allows me to set the bar to achieve good standards which my camera club have been a big help ,...with some success and have won many successful awards throughout the years inc 300 acceptances to get my my BPE 5 star rating .
In 1996 I was awarded my Distinction of the photographic Alliance of Great Britain, ( DPAGB ).

I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures on the site and please feel free to make any comments (above ).

Thank you
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